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March 2024

The Importance of Updating Provider Demographics

As a reminder, we want to notify you that Oklahoma law now requires insurers to terminate a provider from a network if the provider has neither submitted claims to the plan nor otherwise communicated intent to continue participation in the plan network within a twelve-month period. If the insurer does not receive a response from the provider within thirty (30) days of such notification, the plan is required by law to remove the provider from the network. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma is updating its internal processes to ensure termination of network participation in compliance with this requirement.

Your directory information must be verified every 90 days under federal law, even if your data hasn’t changed. Verification of information includes provider name, organization name, specialty, address, phone and digital contact information.

It’s easy and quick to get it done for all health plans using the Availity® Essentials Provider Data Management feature. If you’re unable to use Availity, you may use our Demographic Change Form. If we haven’t received your verification, look for emails from us with the checkmark symbol. They’re a friendly reminder that it’s time to verify. Learn more about verifying your data.

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