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Health Worksite Consultation Services Help Education Group
A higher education group was looking for a way to focus their many different employee wellness resources into a program that would increase engagement and get results. Our Worksite Consultation team was asked to assess their current environment and provide recommendations on how best to encourage their employees.

Onsite Wellness Coordinator Creates Unified Program
An independent school district’s wellness program needed better visibility and more centralized communication strategies across all locations. With the appointment of a dedicated Onsite Wellness Coordinator, the district drove engagement by establishing a network of wellness champions and developing a cohesive culture of wellness.

Wellness Consultants Developed Specific Solution to Improve Engagement
A public educational agency was seeking guidance and support to develop a comprehensive wellness strategy. A designated Wellness Consultant helped to develop a strategic plan to improve engagement and awareness.

Wellbeing Management: How Internal Interventions Help Reduce the Cost of Care
An employer had a significant percentage of their membership dealing with chronic health issues. The Wellbeing Management Enable package provided a mix of strategies to help employees’ address costly, chronic conditions.

Health Advocacy Solutions Evolves to Improve Cost Savings and a Better Health Experience
A retail client came to us for a new, personalized engagement model that would enable us to deliver the most integrated benefits and care management services with a focus on realizing cost savings. The result was a re-imagined high-touch, comprehensive new model – Health Advocacy Solutions.